Technical Aspects of Displaying Full Screen Pictures on Your Computer

Posted by Jenny | Full Screen Photos | Sunday 6 November 2011 11:06 pm

There are several software products existing to display full screen photos on your computer but I wonder if you find one to display the pictures literally in full screen, from border to border and from corner to corner. Telling the truth it is really a hard stuff as each picture is different in size and each computer display could be different in resolution.

The first point need to consider to use the best platform to display full screen pictures. Displaying photos offline is quite easy as many slide show programs available on the internet to download and use for free. But when it comes to display pictures online, then you have fairly less choices. The two basic options are DHTML with HTML, CSS and Javascript or Adobe Flash technology. Dynamic Html is available for all devices including Smartphones and even apple iPads but the main disadvantage is that older browsers don’t operate perfectly with these technologies and switching to full screen is not supported on all of them.

Flash is available on all main platforms and even on some mobile devices but lack of Apple iOS support is a serious disadvantage. Flash is flexible enough to operate in full screen mode, although security limitations requires user interactivity to turn full-screen on.

Now let’s turn back to our original topic and analyze how full screen photos could be displayed on your computer screen. Basically, because of the different resolution and even the different aspect ratios, it’s impossible to create a photo that fits to all kind of monitor. The first option to display your photos is to keep the aspect ratio and fit either the picture height or the width to the best possible and let some black (or other colored) edges on the sides or on the top and bottom. This is the common way that used most of the times and you can show even vertical oriented images but normally you will have a certain „wasted space” in any case.

A brand new approach is in the full screen technology is to use a little „cheat” and reach the perfect fullscreen effect with a small distortion of the photos. Today with small differences computer monitors use the 16:9 ratio or so called wide-screen technology and just some obsolete models have the traditional 4:3. It means that creating and using only landscape oriented pictures have a good chance to display and look perfectly full screen on all computer display.

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