High Quality 360 Degree Panoramic Pictures with Tamaggo

Posted by Jenny | Digital Photography | Sunday 15 January 2012 11:20 pm

There’s a serious threat appeared to the traditional 62 degree view, traditional (35mm) cameras on CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year. The Montreal based company introduced the first one-lick 360° camera. Tamaggo could drastically change our ideas about digital photography and imaging.

The new egg-shaped Tamaggo camera uses several lenses and automatic sensors that recognize the position of the device. The software created by an other Montreal company ImmerVision attaches the created images to gether to render a smooth, full panoramic image, that could be displayed with either the delivered application on your PC or with the free Tamaggo viewer directly on the internet. Although fullscreen presentation of Tamaggo pictures are actually not solved, the image quality is quite good forany HD displays.

Traditional panoramic photograpy takes a lof of time both taking the picture and fitting the images together. During the process your environment is surely changing a bit, just think about some vehicles passing by for example. But Tamago is definitely different, “it freezes and captures the entire monent” – said company CEO James Ionson.

The camera is equipped with USB, Bluetooth and Wireless network connection capability so you can share your pictures immediately and it’s just the beginning. Tamaggo images are zoomable and viewers can navigate the full screen.

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