How to Pick a Camera to Shoot Fullscreen Pictures

Posted by Jenny | Digital Photography,Full Screen Photos | Thursday 3 May 2012 11:39 pm

If you own a business and you will take your advertising campaign online, make sure that you arm yourself with the best images that can be posted online. Images sell, and the bigger and the higher the quality of these pictures the better. It is no longer just right to make use of verbal cues to get the attention of potential customers. Visuals that can complement the verbal elements of the campaign online are known to enhance the impact of an advertising campaign. When you initiate your campaign online through the help of visual elements, don’t just use any kind of pictures that are available. Make an effort to go full screen to maximize the benefits that can be delivered by pictures.

Full screen photos provider better information and details pop out of the screen, thus offering potential customers the chance to appreciate the products better. But how can you come up with better quality full screen pictures that can be posted on the web’s marketplace?
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Sell and Advertise Products Using Full Screen Images

Posted by Jenny | Full Screen Photos | Wednesday 9 November 2011 11:13 pm

Online commerce or e-commerce and buying through online channels are the favored modes of transactions not just for entrepreneurs but for buyers and consumers as well. The demand for products and services is huge online and many people flock online and check out their favorite websites in order to find what they want and what they need. The reason for this shift in customer preference is obvious- it’s all about the convenience for the consumers. Instead of paying up for petrol and spending hours on the road to visit physical stores, what they can do instead is to sit back, relax and start checking one site after the other in order to find what they need and want. What they do is to find their products by searching for the appropriate keywords and make use of full screen images in order to verify if these are the products that they need. And there’s no stopping the trend; people will increasingly continue their love affair with online transaction.
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Technical Aspects of Displaying Full Screen Pictures on Your Computer

Posted by Jenny | Full Screen Photos | Sunday 6 November 2011 11:06 pm

There are several software products existing to display full screen photos on your computer but I wonder if you find one to display the pictures literally in full screen, from border to border and from corner to corner. Telling the truth it is really a hard stuff as each picture is different in size and each computer display could be different in resolution.

The first point need to consider to use the best platform to display full screen pictures. Displaying photos offline is quite easy as many slide show programs available on the internet to download and use for free. But when it comes to display pictures online, then you have fairly less choices. The two basic options are DHTML with HTML, CSS and Javascript or Adobe Flash technology. Dynamic Html is available for all devices including Smartphones and even Continue reading “Technical Aspects of Displaying Full Screen Pictures on Your Computer” »